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This wiki is a private collection of info about the game Mythb0rn3, for my guildies in AV3NG3 (S13) & Redemption (S16). DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS. This includes in-game spouses in other guilds. You're welcome to pass on specific bits of information to them to help them out, of course, but if you share this URL with them they'll probably share it with their own guilds, and then everyone will know about it.

If you edit this wiki, do not spell out the name of the game properly (use "Mythb0rn3") or it will turn up in public searches. I'll make this a public wiki about the game after I hit level 100, but for now we do not need every competitor in the game to know our secrets to success! – Brosis of Sparta (talk) 23:15, January 22, 2015 (UTC)


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This Is Mythborne!

Where Sparta is just a map for the noobs.

News & RumorsEdit

  • CSPB will allegedly not be fixed until early Feb.
  • Giving Thanks event runs for "at least 70 days" according to an R2Mentor, probably ending at end of Feb.